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Why did you choose to join Hives?

Fredrik Heghammar - Chief Transformation Officer at hives.coAfter working with innovation for over 20 years, it is more evident than ever that innovation work requires process and structure. We need a home where ideas can go from being just an idea to innovation. We need a place where we can engage, test, evolve, and make decisions. And that's precisely what Hives does. It is an incredible opportunity to be involved and build something that allows customers to go all the way with their innovation work.

What does your role mean?

I join Hives with the title Chief Transformation Officer and with the task of helping our customers create results from their innovation initiatives.

Innovation work can be challenging for existing structures and processes. We see new working methods emerging that require support to be implemented. And that's where I come in. I strongly believe in the power of different people's perspectives. Hives makes it easy to engage people in innovation to get the best insights, ideas, and results.

Learn more about how we can help you succeed in your innovation efforts through education, coaching, and facilitation here.

Which of your experiences do you look forward to the most getting in use at Hives?

I have had the privilege of working at many exciting companies with many exciting clients. What I bring is a holistic view of working with innovation all the way. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and uplifting other people.

I look forward to sharing this knowledge with our customers, raising their understanding, and creating the courage to make decisions on their innovation initiatives.

How do you see innovation today, and what do you think it will look like in the future?

Innovation will always be equally relevant. It's about having a forward-thinking mindset and a desire to develop and take advantage of new opportunities. Right now, we live in a time where technology is far ahead of our imagination. Everything is possible; only we can figure out what we need to solve. There are endless opportunities to explore and the future shows no signs of slowing down.

Tell me about something I would never know about you if I did not specifically ask for it.

I'm a true guitar nerd. The guitar is my great passion in life. I play in a band, run a podcasts and YouTube channel, and also have my own guitar amplifier brand.

I'm also a flight mechanic at heart. I studied at the Aviation School of Technology in Västerås and after that worked with jet engines on the Volvo Aero Engine for five years before entering the digital world in the mid-nineties. I have benefited significantly from what I learned during my years in aviation—the importance of clarity, accuracy, and punctuality.

Where are the customers today? Are they ready to work with Innovation?

Many customers have started to look into innovation. They have the will and the need, but it can be challenging to get started. A good start is to define what it means for your organization before you start. I would say it is critical. It's so easy to look at companies like Google or Tesla and think they have the recipe for success. But the key is to find your own way of working with Innovation. Based on your terms and conditions. Im stoked to be able to offer you to help out with this.

Learn more about how we can help you succeed in your innovation efforts through education, coaching, and facilitation here.

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