Product Update: Sign in with Microsoft available

1 min read

Manage your users in Hives with your Microsoft account

A significant part of our customers are today happy users of the digital work environment from Microsoft, such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. It makes us very happy to announce that we have now launched the opportunity to manage your users in Hives with your regular Microsoft credentials.

To add "Sign in with Microsoft" to your Hives-team, just give your personal contact a call or an email and we will get you started in seconds.

Haven't tried out hives yet? Book a demo here to gather ideas and engage your organisation in business and workplace improvement with Hives Innovation Management software. This is the smart and valuable Innovation management tool for employees to drive Innovation which helps you:

1. Get your hives in order! where hives present defined and strategic areas for your innovation work and we recommend to name them wisely.  

2. Make sense of your data. You have an opportunity to collect insights safe and structure and attach all kind of data. 

3. Defined the right problem. This part will help your to define the right problem to solve based on structured insights.

4. Engage your employees to succeed. Collect ideas from employees and others and after prioritized, evaluate and realize them. 




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