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Product Update: New text editor and improved mobile experience

Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹

Here's a product update of the latest releases in

New features:

  • Text editor now allows adding images to all places where it's used.
  • A mark showing when an idea can be rated and when it has been rated by the user.
  • A mark showing when an idea can be estimated and when it has been estimated by the user.
  • A loader showing progress when uploading files.
  • Specific team URL:s to be able to skip a step and make it easier to log in for your employees.



  • All tab-menus and sub-menus now scrolls horizontally to give all users a better experience on mobile and smaller screens.
  • Faster management and deletion of attached files.
  • Not showing idea templates when creating a challenge, if you haven't created any templates.
  • Improved admin menu


Bug fixes:

  • Idea-count showed the wrong number of ideas in some places for a few days, that's now solved.
  • The language tag in Swedish where not showing the translation for an estimated idea in some browsers, that's now solved.


If you have any questions, feature requests or anything else you would like to talk about I would love to hear from you.

Greetings from a sunny fall day in Stockholm πŸ‚

CEO & Head of Product