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How to engage employees in 5 actionable steps!

Constant communication, trust, openness, frequent feedback, and recognition—that's what research consistently recommends that leaders should focus on in order to improve employee engagement. In other words, a lot of things to keep in mind! 

If you ever wonder how to engage your employees and why it is so important so that could be a very useful  information for you to get new ideals based on Innovation and growth mindset. Easy to remember and easy to implement with Hives Innovation Software. We do Innovation and we think Innovation. 

So I would like to suggest five concrete, and hopefully new ways for you to how engage your employees.

1. Ask for their opinion.

One brilliant way to motivate your employees is by including them in important decisions. Ask for feedback, input, and suggestions. You would be surprised what good ideas they come up with. People appreciate the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas as it motivates them and makes them feel a part of something bigger.

2. Challenge them in their daily work.

The word "challenge" can sometimes be negative, but the truth is that challenging your employees to grow and be the best they can be is the heart of employee engagement. When employees are driven by doing better and going outside of their comfort zone, they often meet the realisation that they can do much more than they thought they could. This magical feeling is what keeps people motivated to grow.

3. Let them grow.

Allowing your employees to grow within the company is a major engaging factor. It gives them something to work for, and you let them know you want them to stay with you. Think of your coworker as a plant or a flower—you must always ensure that they have sunlight and water to flourish. You motivate your employees by giving them opportunities to develop, allow them to raise their level of knowledge within their area, or by acquiring new skills. Ask your co-workers in a collaborative conversation what they would like to work with? The investment in your employees will be an investment in your company.

4. Clear Goals

In order to engage your employees, you should make clear what they are working towards. Then they will have an understanding of what all the hard work will bring, and that makes all work more worthwhile for them. Share the company's goals and key results to motivate your employees towards the company's goals. Be transparent with your numbers. Half of all employees say that managers who share information and data have a significant positive impact on productivity and motivation. A good way to keep the goals "top of mind" is to have them visible and available where your employees work so they continually become inspired when they see them.

5. Celebrate Success

Celebrating achievements is an excellent way to keep a good mood in the organisation. It reminds all employees that their performance does not go unnoticed. Feel free to invite your employees to lunch to celebrate a successful project or, why not, celebrate with some champagne in the office. The most important thing is to gather your staff and tell them that you are excited and proud of their achievements. The whole point is to let your employees know that they have done a good job so that they can continue to perform in the future.

Be sure to comment below if these ideas of how to engage your employees in 5 steps get you thinking, or feel free to contact me if you have anything you want to talk about!Boka demo av Hives