Gather valuable input from citizens with hives.

Hives makes it easy for you to collect feedback and ideas from your citizens, so you can improve your services and make better decisions.

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The benefits of capturing citizen input

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Simple idea submission

Make it easy for citizens to share their ideas with a user-friendly interface and mobile app.

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Collaboration tools

Foster communities and collaboration with features like commenting, upvoting, and notifications.


Idea management

Organize and prioritize ideas with intuitive tools like categories, tags, and filters.


Idea implementation tracking

Track the progress of ideas from submission to implementation with powerful reporting tools.

"This tool has helped me streamline my feedback collection process and save time. It's also allowed me to easily communicate the results to others in a clear and effective way."
"I've found this tool to be incredibly useful for gathering feedback from citizens. It's intuitive and easy to use, and the reporting features are great for analyzing and sharing the results."

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