Capture valuable insights & ideas from your frontline workforce

In many organizations, valuable ideas for solving problems, questions, and seizing opportunities often get lost. With, you'll have an easy tool to collect, organize, and prioritize all the valuable insights, feedback, and ideas in one place.
continuous improvement software

Capture valuable ideas & feedback in your organization

Collect ideas based on themes, challenges, or opportunities and start finding improvements and new solutions for your organization. All in an engaging and transparent way

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collect ideas

Manage, prioritize and track all the the ideas & insights with ease

Get all the tools you need to help you qualify, manage, and prioritize which ideas to move forward. Use templates and workflows to keep track of it all.

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track ideas in your organization

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Use Case


Not to be braggadocious, but people really like it.

" makes it not only easy to collect ideas and sort them, but it also makes it fun. I don't think there's a simpler tool to use on the market."
Jeffrey C.
Marketing and Advertising
“Amazing platform must use for everyday business and company use.”
Bernard O.
Education Management
“We liked how they kept things simple rather than create thousands of settings, instead everything was well thought through and this made it super quick to get started.”
Love D.
Events Services